7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Buy Australian Made Products

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E-markets and international freight have made international products so readily available, however buying Australian made products is so important for our economy, sustainability, supply chain sovereignty and Australian jobs.

Here are 7 reasons why;

  1. You will keep money circulating in the local economy

By purchasing Australian made products, you are supporting the economy at every level – from creating jobs and allowing Australians to return to their previous jobs to supporting farmers, suppliers and local businesses, increasing tax revenue, reducing the cost of welfare and much more.

  1. You will help maintain a local manufacturing base

As the pandemic highlighted, a higher importance must be placed on local manufacturing to ensure we can sustain ourselves in the case of future supply chain disruptions and shortages. Keeping onshore manufacturing across several industries alive is crucial to our sustainability.

  1. You will help retain skilled workers in Australia

Australia has been facing a steady decline in skilled workers since the growth of offshore manufacturing. The closure of Australian Holden, Ford and Toyota factories ended onshore car manufacturing and replaced skilled workers away from manufacturing jobs. If similar industries follow, skilled workers will be difficult to find. 

  1. You will help create Australian jobs

Every direct job in manufacturing leads to another 4 jobs in the local economy.

  1. The delivery of goods will be cheaper and faster than offshore shipping

Geographical proximity means that you can receive items faster in most cases than ordering the same product produced overseas. Not only are you saving time – you are also saving money. Domestic shipping rates are significantly cheaper than overseas shipping whilst taking less time and using less energy.

  1. Quality of goods will be higher

Australia requires businesses to meet some of the world’s strictest labour, business, safety and quality control standards. 

  1. Improved customer service and ability to visit the manufacturing site

At Black Lab Design, being a site on Sydney’s Northern Beaches we are in close proximity to the majority of our clients. Giving them the opportunity to visit the site and view the products at all stages of production, allowing for custom changes to be made. The benefits of face to face interaction and collaboration are endless. 

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